The Own Your Everyday Course

Your step by step strategy to a beautifully designed, easy-to-follow, distraction-proof calendar system you can use week after week. Time to break up with your never ending to-do list so you can actually get stuff done. 



We’ll show you exactly how to set up your calendar for success every single week.


In the foundations module, you will learn about a concept called Daily Micro Success Factors. We will discuss how these daily disciplines work to prevent distraction, the power of identifying success in everyday life, how to utilize those small wins so they set you up for success with your bigger goals.

Develop a Weekly Planning Strategy

In Module 1, we are going to dive into setting up the weekly planning tool I use and love. We’ll cover how to develop consistency and routine that allows for flexibility through anchor times and color-coded time blocks for every day of the week. Plus, you'll get this all set up on your mobile device and syncing it to your family or team members devices so everyone is on the same page.

Develop a Daily Productivity Plan

In Module 2, we are going to develop a strategy for each time block you set up. What goes in each type of block? How can you make sure you get everything done? And what do you do if something pops up and you DON'T get everything done in that time block? We're covering all of this and more in this training. By the time you're done, you'll be crystal clear and ready to plan out every block of time each week - in a structured way that still allows for flexibility because... life.

Develop Your Weekly Meal Plan

In Module 3, you'll learn a fun and easy way to take the guesswork and the headache out of your weekly meal plan. By the time you complete this lesson, you'll be ready to plan, purchase, and prepare each day's meals at the start of every week without feeling the overwhelm that typically comes with meal planning. Eat healthy without sacrificing your precious time.

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